Spoiler Alert! It’s a scam!

There are no shortcuts to success! Well, everyone would like to prove this saying wrong and stand as an exception. Especially in the arena of trading, short span successes happen but seldom.

‘Quantum Code’ is trading software that allows a free download and usage for anyone. You need not be any pro in binary options trading; its autopilot feature claims to fetch, scan, analyze and (if you permit) trade for you. Now, the most interesting and dangerous point to note is it claims 100% return on $0 investment to the customers. This implies:

  • Either it has an inbuilt fortune-telling feature, as it is almost impossible for anyone to know how the market will trend in future.
  • It is not making any profit for the owners of the app. Now, this sounds too humble.
  • How are they making money then? Are they Godsend, needing nothing?

While these questions need reasonable answers, their marketing gimmicks too alarm us.

  • They will tell you anecdotes of someone becoming a millionaire
  • If you sound reluctant, their customer service rep will sound concerned for you, for the fear that you might remain a broke all your life, if you leave this opportunity of trying them.
  • $0 investment is a bewitching deal for anyone.


And it fails!

Keeping their promises was never their intention; the big mouth claims made by the software were only to collect more deposit money of $250. You might suddenly want to refer the second paragraph of this article, where I stated that they require zero investment. However, they will startle you exactly the way I did by breaking the deposit condition to you, once you are fully into them. In addition, the broker account, which you’d be required to deposit the money in, is their broker account; any laws or jurisdiction does not regulate this account. You will perhaps, regret your decision here or if you still would not, you will soon, as you will see your money not returning to you in any form. If they crack a bad deal for you, (which they will despite high claims) your money will never come back. This is how it works, they will ensure money coming in but never going out.

So, they will make look everything rosy while it won’t remain for long. If you haven’t triggered it yet, you’ve definitely done a right thing.