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Vice President Biden Travels to Latin America March 27–30
Visits to Chile, Costa Rica to discuss upcoming Summit of the Americas

Office of the Vice President

Vice President Biden to Travel to Latin America

The Vice President will travel to Chile and Costa Rica from March 27-30 to consult with Latin American leaders regarding the Summit of the Americas, which is scheduled for mid-April in Trinidad and Tobago.

In Chile, the Vice President will attend the Progressive Governance conference, which will also be attended by the Presidents of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, and the Prime Ministers of Norway and the United Kingdom. The Vice President will also be hosted by Chilean President Bachelet for a bilateral meeting.

In Costa Rica, the Vice President will be hosted by President Oscar Arias, who has invited the leaders of the other Central American nations for a joint meeting in San Jose.

Additional details on the Vice President’s trip will be released at a later date.