Building Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

If you are one among those smitten by the merits of cryptocurrency then, we can understand your eagerness to invest and grow your crypto money for your powerful future and that is why we are here to offer you some unparalleled suggestions. Smitten or not, the world is all geared up for the revolution, which means, it is the right time for you to join the wagon and start venturing the investment practices to gain the upper, beneficial hand, favorably.

It is only natural to consider cryptocurrency is another name for the Bitcoin because it is from here this revolution started but, the concept has evolved further to offer so many options aka the alternate coins or the altcoins to produce the respective benefits for the respective users. Therefore, in your idea of cryptocurrency investment or the cryptocurrency trading, there is a scope to build your Portfolio versatilely by including the following set of cryptocurrencies other than the pioneer Bitcoin to balance the risks accordingly and to benefit your position!

  • Ethereum

Ethereum is an open source platform to develop and deploy decentralized applications that are focused on executing the transactions involving anything of value. The transactions referred to as the ‘smart contracts’ are developed and executed peer-to-peer by this platform, offering more sophisticated and more secure solution. For example, you can use this platform to set up a smart contract for an event, where the organizers can sell tickets, limit the number of participants, take care of refunds, if any and so on automatically and effortlessly! Therefore, it is more than just being a cryptocurrency and investing in it can make your position and your portfolio much stronger!


  • Ripple

This Ripple not only acts as the cryptocurrency but, also, and in fact, more predominantly as a quicker payment network that allows transfer of almost any type of currency into almost any other type available in the world, without involving greater complexity and hefty transaction fee. That is, it is something like your popular money transfer system that allows you to exchange different world currencies but sans the hectic conversion rate and/or the transactional fee!


  • Litecoin

If Bitcoin is valued like the Gold then, this Litecoin is the silver that is as powerful as the Bitcoin but more affordable and readily available for you to gain your share and grow your investment. This brainchild of the former Google employee, allows anyone to quickly transfer large volumes of small transactions, where a bloc is processed every 2.5 minutes and hence, considered as a faster alternative to the Bitcoins.

If you are wondering how to trade these powerful cryptocurrencies then, you can certainly choose the robot way of trading empowered by reliable systems like the Crypto Code, whose authenticity can be discovered by reading this full review!