Friday, August 12, 2011

Public Security News from Mexico


  • The municipal police commander for the downtown district of Ciudad Juárez was killed by unidentified gunmen. An officer accompanying him as his bodyguard was seriously injured.

Distrito Federal

  • Police arrested Oscar Osvaldo Garcia Montoya, leader of a criminal gang nicknamed "The Hand with Eyes." García Montoya, a former Guatemalan soldier, is linked to 900 murders.

Entire Country

  • In a sign of the United States' widening role in Mexico's drug war, a small team of C.I.A. operatives and American military employees has been posted at a military base in Mexico in the past few weeks. The United States aims to provide technical support and to work together with Mexican law enforcement and justice officials to gather intelligence on the cartels.
  • The Mexican government suspended over $100 million in federal law enforcement grants to 172 of the country’s most violent municipalities because they haven't "[demonstrated] advances" in areas such as police salaries.
  • According to a new report from the Mexican government, kidnappings have increased 300% over the past five years. On average 3.72 kidnappings are reported every day throughout the country.


  • Four teenagers and a 24-year-old were gunned down while at a roadside food stand in Culiacán.


  • Five presumed criminals were killed during two confrontations between gangs and the Armed Forces.


  • The Army repelled an attack and confiscated two grenades, 13 cartridges, and a vehicle in Guadelupe.

This blog was written by CIP intern Claire O'Neill McCleskey