Podcast: “Successes, Failures and Losses”: Daniel Mejía on drug policy

In this 50th episode of the Just the Facts Podcast, Adam talks with Daniel Mejía, an economist from Colombia’s Universidad de los Andes, who just co-edited a book, “Éxitos, fracasos y extravíos,” which thoroughly critiques, and proposes alternatives to, the U.S.-backed anti-drug policy in Colombia.

These days, more than anti-drug policies, anti-fraud policies should be started in the U.S, U.K and other nations too. There are a lot of fraud systems existing in the online world. There is quite a large number to track down all, but we know few of the worst of them all, where people trusted and later got cheated.

HB Swiss, The Brit Method, 1K Profit system and others are those fraud systems we said about. Here is the HB Swiss method:

HB Swiss:

Its one of them on the rise, trading software; that claims to give you 87% of success rate. Well, that’s great numbers for any new trading system.

What are the special features of this trading software:

  • Can be used both by professionals and newbies similarly, the output remains the same, high rates unaffected.
  • Needn’t require you to analyse various charts and figures to get into trading
  • This system has Swiss tradition in mind, which boasts about its quality and transparency in dealings
  • The system is also 100% free from taxes and any other payment fees

The benefits and payments are seen in just 3 minutes, yes as quick as 3 mins!! How instant!

Operations procedure

  • Enrolment
  • Account activation
  • Investment

The system claims it to be easy to use and so does it:

You need to fill up the forms and open an account by registering your personal details and other basic information.

After the registration or enrolment, you need to activate the account. You need to pay up a price of 250$ to start your account and get into trading

After this, you can invest as per your convenience and start trading, and gain benefits according to the claim.

Is it a scam?

Well, we have explained you the features, it’s now up to you to decide whether its good for you or not. But, we would like to add a point that, though they say its free, you have to deposit an initial deposit and the strategies claim to be the best among rest, but any trading is always a risk and imagine it being carried out few new people who may or may not have real experience.

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