Data about contractors in Colombia in 2009

Below is a list of private companies contracted by the U.S. State and Defense Departments in 2009 to carry out activities related to U.S. military and police aid to Colombia. The source is an annual report (4.78MB PDF filerequired by section 694(b) of the 2003 Foreign Relations Authorization Act.

The report is worth a read. Colombia is the only country in the world for which Congress requires the U.S. government to list its military and police assistance contractors, the amounts each receives for its services, the nature of those services, and the risks to contract personnel. In our view, the report offers a degree of transparency – providing important information without jeopardizing personnel security – that should be applied to aid to other countries.

The total amount of funds contracted out in 2009 was US$216.7 million, significantly less than the US$309.6 million total in 2006, documented in the last version of this report that we obtained. This reflects an overall decline in military assistance to Colombia since that year, when such aid was near all-time highs.

1. Dyncorp International $96,800,000
2. Lockheed-Martin and subsidiaries $67,634,058
3. Telford Aviation $13,235,416
4. ARINC $13,175,215
5. DRS TAMSCO $5,783,455
6. Olgoonik $5,184,062
7. ManTech $3,679,508
8. ITT $2,472,797
9. PAE Government Services $2,139,575
10. Raytheon Technical Services $2,100,729
11. Northrop-Grumman Mission Systems $1,830,291
12. CSC $1,389,461
13. CACI $1,031,094
14. J&J Maintenance Colombia $451,852
Total $216,907,513


military and police contractors

The US government is spending million of dollars for military operations and police securities. They are one of the most powerful and advanced team in terms of facilities, training and intelligence all over the continent and worldwide. They must ensure that these funds will go through legal operations and not on the illegal ones.

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There are lots of threats of terrorism that the military force has to answer so they better move fast and act wise.