Mistakes To Avoid While Trading

Mistakes To Avoid While Trading

Majority of the traders struggle to be profitable consistently in forex. The first thing a trader should do is to adjust or create their strategies of trading according to their personalities, risk appetite, and schedule of trading.  You need to backtest all the strategies before using them and you should measure their effectiveness. You should also keep in mind that the historic performance would not be an accurate representation all the time and it does not give you any guarantee.  Secondly, the trader should ensure that one should follow their strategy consistently.

Chasing the profits will result in losses

There are people who are over-obsessed with profit and this will result in their downfall. In order to avoid this scenario, the most important thing one should do is to not to keep any unrealistic targets and goals.  It is quite unlikely that one can make huge money just by conducting a few trades.

Trading over-confidently will also make you lose your investment.  You need to keep on learning and conducting an analysis of data available. You need to put in a lot of hard work; nothing can be achieved without putting in any effort.  If you don’t have time to keep aside, you can look at the option of trading cryptocurrencies. In the cryptocurrency market, you have the option to choose automated trading robots that can help you to transact in the market and earn a profit. Do your research and read reviews to learn about the trusted software that is available on the market.  Continue reading here to learn about the options available and how to start the trading process.

Overtrading is quite dangerous

Overtrading means seeing opportunities which are not actually present but the trader wants it to be there.  The worst part is that the trader will not realize that the deception has come into play. Overtrading can be categorized into two kinds- trading too much and trading too often.

Trading too often- A successful trader will not be trading all the time. The trader need not have to keep trading all the time, all you have to do is to make the right ones. Follow your strategy and do not trade when you are not supposed to.

Trading too much- Many traders especially the beginners’ take high leverage in order to maximize the profit.  While you take up high leverage, you need to fully understand the trading risks and take up only if it’s favorable condition.




Knowing What Is Economic Growth

Knowing What Is Economic Growth

When there is a change that takes place in the quantity of production of goods and services by a particular country which happens in a positive direction and within the given time period it is defined as ´Economic Growth’. The economic growth of one sector is neither uniform nor exactly the same when compared to the other sectors which make this an important characteristic. We can consider an example to explain this, that is, suppose if a country’s corporate sector might have done remarkable contribution to the economic growth and on the other hand, the telecommunication sector might have performed in an average and not contributed much in economic growth of the country. In the above example, the telecommunication sector will be given more attention.

The Gross National Product of the country and its economic growth are directly proportional to each other which means, if there is an increase in the percentage of gross national product, then there is an increase in the economic growth of the country. To be specific we can say that the economic growth increases of there are an increase in the per capita national output or even the net national product of that country. However, these will constant or supported for a lot of years.

If a country wants to achieve economic growth its rate of increase in per capita national output should be greater than the increase in the population of that country. One example of the year 2005-2006, in India, the increase of GNP was 9.1% whereas the increase in the population rate was 1.7 %. So here the increase in the Gross National Products per capita will be 9.1-1.7=7.4, which is a 7.4% increase. If both the increase in total output and population growth have the same percentage, then the actual growth will be zero, which means that there has been a decrease in the rate of per capita income of the country. Just like how trading using wrong software will make your account balance zero continue reading.

If the rate of per capita income is decreased it will result in negative economic growth, means there will be no economic growth, hence, there will be no improvement in the standard of living of the population even if there is an increase in the total output of the country. But this is considered as a better idea than having a stagnant economic condition.

There are several factors that will affect the economic growth of the country as if the government body alters the expenditures or country is not trading properly. The economic growth is greatly affected when there is a sudden hike in the prices of the goods and services.



Will the Token Currency Survive in the Crypto world?


We saw it all coming, the Bitcoin, Ethereum to start with that skyrocketed into the online currency trading world, there were the host of websites that promised a lot of fire, without any fuel just vanished out in the air, taking all the investor’s money. Ever wondered where did all the money come from that was pumped into the digital currency world and slowly all the money went out, without a trace of any evidence. The blame went to the market’s volatility, fluctuations, and many other relative terms, but no one could see the coins or the dollar amount invested.

The internet today is full of scamsters on the prowl, disguised to deceive the naïve investors who think that cryptocurrency is a safer avenue to tuck away all the black money and sit comfortably, as there are no regulators who will pin you down for the source of income. .As we talk about what is going to happen or what is happening around in the dark world of cryptocurrencies, there are a handful of technical experts who are working on the underlying Blockchain technology to power up the websites and mine in more coin currency.

What happened after the Chaos?

Not all are losing the sleep over what is going to happen in the crypto world, as there are exchanges that have clearly divided the digital assets into various buckets and are placing regulations in each of them so that nothing goes in reported

  • the Swiss have implemented the three-way division between the coin currency that is traded, the other like the blockchain versions based on real like securities traded in traditional exchanges and the third one being utility tokens that are used for products and services
  • monitoring the app version that is supposed to be installed in smartphones, so that all the transaction from the Infinity App through the exchange servers in cloud storage with blockchain, so that all the transactions are secured in the contiguous blocks
  • the investors are provided with numerous opinions on the internet in blogs, reviews of the trading platform and apps like Infinity App Review  that is claimed to be a scam, making the investors be aware of scams lurking behind the numerous websites

The payment system has been secured with a higher level of risk mitigation and filtering of blocks that cannot be overwritten or tampered, however, there are cases when entire block has been deleted, that makes all the transactions vanish.



 Is It A Good Thing That Crypto Bubble Has Burst

The money came in and so did the coin come out, it was all out there in the markets happening since the financial crisis that came as a tsunami wave and washed away the economies of countries, that the impact is still felt. There where projects those were aplenty for the investors to choose, many more tokens available in the market, that the bubble was bound to burst anytime. The investors who had high stakes saw it coming, however, they never missed an opportunity to cash in all the coin currency and convert it to dollar equivalent.

Impact in the Markets

The market changed indefinitely there were ICO that had been launched after a lot of hype, the prices were inflated so high that they fell in a short period. The graphs and charts did indicate a steep fall, they did not lie, it was all coming, yet a section of naïve investors could not understand how it affected, the well-informed investors took the market to great heights and let it fall flat.

  • with scams being exposed every other day, things changed in the crypto markets, exchanges started pinning down the scams and let investors exit out of projects, giving the space required for a stable and natural growth
  • it comes to communicating the clients about bad investments made on the cryptocurrency, there was much ado but nothing materialized, investors scrambled to understand what was going to happen to the coin wallets that was heaped with cryptocurrencies and the values falling down very steeply, transparency was the missing element that turned the entire trading experience very sour for inexperienced traders
  • With the falling price of coin currencies, the futures in coin currency did hold water throughout the phase of the bubble burst, there were the host of apps launched like the Infinity App experiencing technical difficulties, making the investors who chose the app trading site to invest a lot of money
  • the scams are coming out, probably that is the only way to weed out all the overnight software that has to come with the disclaimer to first let the investors read the Infinity App Review and choose the right way to trade online

Regulators are cracking the whip to make the entire online trading business to be more transparent, adhering to the regulations that are in the process of being rolled out completely, few fixes in the crypto exchanges could bring about a lot of investor confidence.



Benefits of trading with Bear put spread

Benefits of trading with Bear put spread

A bull put spread is a strategy for options that are basically utilized when a trader expects an average rise in the price rate of the underlying asset. This method is established by the purchase of a particular put option whereas at the same time selling another put option with a higher price rate. The main purpose of this method is to realize when the rate of the underlying is above the higher strike price, which results in the expiration of the short put and the trader gets to keep the premium and its full report can be reviewed here.

In a bull put spread, the investor has an obligation to buy the underlying stock at the higher strike price when the short put option is activated. In addition to that, if the long put option is commendable, the investor has the privilege to sell the underlying stock at the lower strike price. This methodology of purchasing one option and selling another option at a higher strike price is called credit spread, mainly due to the amount obtained by selling the put option with a higher strike is sufficient to secure the cost of buying the put at a lower strike.

Advantages of a Bull Put Spread

  • The risks associated pertain to the difference between the strike prices of the long put and short put. This refers to a lower potential risk of the incurring position resulting in large losses, so would the case be with puts with regard to sliding stock or market.
  • The bull put spread has an advantage over time delay, which is quite an important factor in option method. As most of the options go unexercised or expired, the odds are on the side of a put writer or bull put spread originator has a preferential advantage.
  • The bull put spread can be made according to one’s profile of risk-taking capacity. As for a conservative trader he might opt for a narrow option where the put strike prices are not distant, as it might reduce the maximum potential gain as well as the maximum risk of the position. An aggressive trader would favor an extensive spread to attain high gains even if it results in a greater loss given the chance that the stock declines.
  • as it involves a spread strategy, a bull put spread tends to maintain small margin requirements when compared with put writes.

The bull put spread is the appropriate options strategy for obtaining premium income or purchasing stocks at reasonable prices in the market.

Financial Risks Post Retirement

Financial Risks Post Retirement

There are some key financial risks that one should be aware of. This could affect the retirement fund in a big way so you should be well prepared to take the necessary action.

  • Decline in the stock market- The stock market does not go in a single direction. Even if the market is making new highs for a decade, their is a very high chance that the market could turn bearish any moment. So the biggest risk to your retirement money is the stock market crash if you have a lot of money invested in the market. Nobody can tell you with surety when the next crash is due but you need to be prepared for it. Take care that you select only those investments on this trading software that gives you the regular flow of income.
  • Interest rate rise – The bond investors benefit from the interest rate that they get as well as when the value of the bond increases. The interest rate has been declining for a long-term and this has worked to the investor advantage. However, the interest rate could rise in the future and this could make the bond prices to go down. If the rise in interest rate is continuous then this will impact the bond and the mutual funds that you hold.
  • Inflation is a major threat to your savings. Prices keep increasing and inflation does not seem to stop. This means that the purchasing power of your money decreases and thus your savings would go down in value if your savings do not grow to meet the inflation rate.
  • Medical cost is another major expense when you retire. Health care is costly and this is an issue because most of the emergency expenses come uncalled. A single medical condition could wipe off your retirement fund. So take care to ensure that you have a medical insurance that is active.

It is not required to get panicked about any of these risks that you may have to face when you retire. It is important that you are well prepared. It is crucial that you have a diversified portfolio and invest your money into a variety of assets like stocks, fixed deposits, balanced funds etc. Have many sources of income so that you do not put all your eggs in one basket. Also, take care of your health because that could be one of the biggest expense in your old age.




Crypto VIP Club Verified Crypto Currency

Crypto VIP Club Verified Crypto Currency

Crypto VIP Club, this is an exclusive cryptocurrency trading circle, where you can find new opportunities to trade or make money. This software has been established by professionals that holds many best investors in the market. Several new systems are being released on a daily basis one to be named is the Crypto new VP Club, which was created by Andrew King. He is one among the founder of the crypto VIP club circles. This system has attracted many people on the first day of its release. Here is a full report on why this has become so successful.

When entering the market we ensure that we get the best of service and system, that make sit authentically and not a scam. Otherwise, it might be risking our investment. The following review gives information on the Crypto VIP Club.

The Origin of Crypto Club

As per the launch of the system, the information that’s been collected is that Andrew King, the creator of the system, was an investment portfolio manager. He was trading with the clients from UK firm. His practice was to cut the edge inside the strategies to generate sales. He took the knowledge and experience that was gained in his past years into the lucrative field of cryptocurrency trading. That is how the crypto VIP Club came into existence. This system is based on his own trading strategies, i.e. to purchase the cryptocurrency when the price is low and to sell it when the price rises up.

Profit with The Crypto Club

First and foremost everyone in the market looks at how one can make a profit from this online trading investment. There is a minimum deposit $250 to start up the account; this also helps in placing an order. This deposit is not used as a fee, to use the software it’s completely free of charge. Now, the amount that has been deposited or the capital is used to allocate in several assets as per the availability of the market.

How to join the club

Getting to the platform is easy and quick. As mentioned early its free of charge, there is no membership fee as well as the software can be downloaded for free. All you have to do is fill in the registration form available on the site and deposit a minimum of $250 and you can access your account.

The Crypto VIP Club is not a scam. It is a unique opportunity for those who are really ready for a ride and make money. This is one of the top most recommended trading system that is been operating in the online trading industry.

Ways to Start Trading in Crypto Currencies

Crypto currencies are on are making news across the world. News about soaring prices, insane volatility, crypto currency ban in few economies, exchanges opening up platforms to convert the digital currencies to fiat currencies and the list goes on. It is not possible that one does not get to read something about the crypto currencies from the news these days. They are everywhere. The popularity and future potential have influenced further research and inventions in this field. This has lead to a host of new digital currencies being introduced into the market.

The Irresistible Investment Opportunity

People who have had some exposure to the trading investments will definitely be tempted to try their hands on this type of trading, the news of the soaring prices of bitcoins can hardly be ignored.  How to trade crypto currency seems to be the most searched phrase on the web. More people are coming forward to understand this novel way of making money. There are thousands of trading platforms launched in the market that provide a secure and efficient way to trade on various crypto currencies.

The Beginners Guide

For beginners, it is best to not start off with bitcoins, mainly because of the skyrocketing prices and the volatility. They can start off with other small variants that are affordable. One might need a bank account or credit card to fund the crypto wallet. Crypto wallet is a place to store the crypto currency. The next step would be to identify a good platform that offers to trade in crypto currencies. Investors have to be wary of the bogus platforms that exist in the market. Thorough research is required on part of the investor so that they do not get duped. Novices should start with smaller investments as this market is subject to a volatility that goes beyond our expectations.

Strategies available for Trade

The investors can strategize their investments in the short or long term. The long-term strategy aims to benefit from the value appreciation of the crypto currencies in the long run irrespective of the short-term price drop. Short term aims to capitalize on the price fluctuations that happen over a shorter period of time. While it is important to understand the various nuances before investing we also have the go-to experts in this field who give a fair idea of how to start the trading in crypto currencies.

Qprofit System is one of the trading platforms that provide authentic trading solutions in this field. Here you can start off with the automated trading feature that promises excellent results even if you are a beginner.

Why are Single women investing in real estate?

According to the National Association of Realtors, while married couple still bought the largest share of the real estate market, it is single women whose who are increasingly buying homes. Single men, on the other hand, were last of the list.

What is the new change in trend and why and how are these women able to invest in real estate?

Reasons for the changing trends

There are several reasons for women to turn to real estate as a prime investment. Firstly, despite the disparity in wages, women are earning more than ever in the present times. This greater financial freedom gives them a choice to invest in something substantial and long-lasting.

Another major reason is the rising rental costs. In fact, according to a report in Washington Post, 23 % of women have cited rising rentals as the sole reason for purchasing a place of their own.

What is significant is that several older women are also buying properties now more than ever. It was estimated that most of the home buyers were in the age group of 51 to 60.

Older women might be investing in houses as a part of downsizing the family either after a divorce or after the death of a spouse. They have the money and they are not hesitating to spend it. In addition to that, they want to be able to control the monthly expenses and have some stability in their lives which an own house can provide.  Many of them are buying houses close to the residence of their children and friends.

How do single women purchase property?      

Unlike men, for women buying a property is a very emotional decision and they put a great deal of thought into buying a property. They take the opinion of their friends and family before they take the plunge. They want their advice on the plumbing, the electrical wiring and other repairs in a house. They also consider safety before they purchase their own home.


Sometimes down payment may prove to be a hurdle for single women who want a place of their own. They can either choose help from the Federal Housing Administration loan or the USDA loan to meet their down payment requirement. They can also try their hand at stock market with trading robots like the QProfit System which have been designed to help investors gain a foothold in the trading world with the promise of decent profits.


Did you know your cryptocurrency transaction is taxable?

Several investors are not aware of the tax rules governing cryptocurrency. It is a gray area that has left many confused. But it is your responsibility to know that any digital currency transaction is taxable by law. The lack of sufficient regulations and rules on this topic make it very ambiguous for an investor.

The Inland Revenue Service says that a cryptocurrency will be treated as property and not as currency. While not all cryptocurrencies have an equivalent substitute in real cash, bitcoin has and it is taxable.

What should you do when you sell bitcoin?

You must worry about taxes only when you sell the bitcoin and not when you buy it and hold it. Here is what you must do, should you transact in bitcoins:

  • Report the sales: Not all cryptocurrency exchanges are obligated to report a sale, unlike a brokerage firm which will send you a 1099 tax form when you sell your bonds or stocks. It is your responsibility to find out the tax liabilities and do the needful.
  • Treat as property: Just like you pay a tax when you buy or sell a property based on what profit or loss you made, you must pay tax for the virtual currency. So what you must do is to maintain a record with the following information:
    • When did you buy your crypto
    • How much did you buy it for
    • When did you sell it and for what price?

There are several other factors that need to be considered and for those not well versed in the taxation rules, it can be very confusing. Thankfully, there are several websites which focus on helping bitcoin investors understand the tax liabilities. They will guide you in determining what you need to pay and how to pay it and which are the forms that need to be filled to report your capital loss or gain.


Don’t ever try to skip your taxes because no one is watching currently. If the IRS discovers what you owe you will end up paying a hefty sum in penalties and fines. And in severe situations, you may be subject to criminal prosecution for evading taxes.


Don’t let taxes scare you from investing in bitcoin. There are several automated trading systems like the bitcoin code which help investors interested in cryptocurrency. The bitcoin code software makes trading in cryptos a breeze for one and all.