Quantum Code – Every Trader’s dream!

Designed by a Wall Street professional, Michael Crawford, Quantum code is trading software that is making its successful rounds in the market. With his experience in trading and using a technology NQS which has been the best friend of the trading software, the journey has made the lives of many traders easier. With so many trading apps doing their rounds in the market, there needs to be a genuine feature which will pull and hold on the customers towards it, looking at how it works, NQS has been that clear winner. Near quantum speed which is used in the app not only makes genuine propositions when there is a n opportunity, it also scrapes the other traders’ trades which is a genuine feature not all trading platforms could provide.

How to get started?

Starting a trading platform could never get easier; quantum code could just be started in 3 simple steps. There needs to be no particular initial set up or any download of software. This is completely browser based and you could just log on to any browser on your computer or mobile and complete three simple steps to go live on trading.

Signing up:

This is a simple process, where you need to just fill up a basic form with your details. This will take just a few minutes where you get registered.


Once you are registered, you can actually set up the system to your preference, where in you can customize it. Also you could join with a recommended broker too from the list that is provided by the company.

Start Trading:

Once you have set up the process, you need to transfer some funds to your account to start trading and going live. This is simply funding your account for your transactions. This software is completely free and does not have any potential hidden charges. There is no commission as well that you need to pay to the company! Just go to the auto pilot mode and you could see how efficient the software is. You can see that its complex algorithm along with NQS helps in generating signals which help the trader in achieving returns that he might not have imagined in his first transaction. What every trader n eeds to keep in mind is the more the funds are the more the returns will be. With minimum funds, the software will be able to return proportionate amounts only!