With so many scams involved in online trading software the online traders are in a difficult situation to recognise and identify the reliable and legit binary options solution. The one such software, Orion code is a fully automated system that is released by Edward Robinson. This software has gained popularity in the trading community.

Orion code is a fully automated, highly profitable, efficient, and a very reliable trading software which can generate profit for its clients. Though it is fully automated, it is the only software that provides its users control over the automated trade processes and the decisions it takes.

The Orion code  software is browser based. It does not require any download or any other programme to be separately installed for trading. It is possible for the traders to trade simultaneously by using the android or any iOS based mobile phones. With Orion code, trading while on the go is possible making it very convenient and comfortable for traders. With Orion code it is possible to trade from anywhere in the world and profit is derived on the same day.

The software is user friendly. It is just 3 clicks away from earning income every day. The registration process is very simple and easy. It is challenging for the trader as only 20 slots are available and they need to act fast to procure it. The other benefit is this is 100% free without any additional charges. There are no hidden charges, delayed taxes or any payment that is to be done. It is free because they get high commissions from their brokers for every client sign in.

Orion code is the most consistent and profitable in returns.  The customer service team is excellent as compared to other software in trading. They are dedicated to provide constant support and high quality service to its clients. The team can be easily approached by e mail, or even live chat. The reply and help received is instant. The customer support service can be reached out 24/7 through the support centre.

The Orion code is definitely a user friendly platform for trade with so many benefits. It can be recommended to traders without any doubt. It is a profitable and a reliable option in binary trading process. This is one of the best software in the market released in the recent years.

Trick or Trade – Quantum code!

Would you begin using anything if it is free? You probably would, if you are a trading enthusiast and know the incredible results of this new automated trading software called ‘Quantum code’. A gentleman from Microsoft named, Michael Crawford, has come up with a money minting trading machine naming it ‘Quantum code’. We are already aware of the wheedling nature of automated trading software in the market. They lure you with magnificent reviews and when you join them, probably it’s too late. Quantum code too raised eyebrows, as the amount of profit it promised seemed unreal. Moreover, it claimed a no loss deal for clients. But, its authenticity has yet not been proven.

How does it work?

The software claims to scan and analyze the market to find trades being placed by other traders. So, in a way, it copies other traders in the name of analyzing. Probably the mistake Quantum code is making is they analyze all trades of all traders irrespective of their success rate. By using the Near Quantum Speed Technology, Quantum code proclaims to beat all the others who come to trade.

The Quantum code is free of cost. Which means you can download it free of cost, create an account on it and start trading. Matter of factly, since it gives the smoothest start to any new trader onboard, it appears a tad suspicious to many. An initial amount of $250 is a starting deposit which is standard everywhere.

More people using the code means bigger profits to the app owners and that is the catch. While some traders have already faced heavy losses a few have seen some gains too. Therefore, the intent behind this hyped trading tool is still obscure. There are mixed reviews from various directions and everyone is trying to decipher the goals of this trading tool.

Everything about this software is making noise right from the team to the key man and his methods. There are brokers who are joining hands with Quantum code to make more profits, and it can’t get worse than this association. If you apply reasoning to it; it becomes easily understandable that nobody can give you profits only. Binary trading is no fun; therefore, people who know this fact well strongly denounce this trading tool. Other than certain cases of some low-lying gains here and there, so far, the losses have been more.

If it looks too good to be true…watch out!


Orion code is binary option trading software that has drawn the attention of media and the traders and was launched by Edward Robinson. He is a well known investor and financier with a vast experience in stock exchange. Orion code is doing rounds in digital media claiming it as a scam by some and by some others as being legit.


The present version is 8, and is considered supreme so far. Ever since it is released in 2006, there are various reviews on this Orion code software. There is equal information available supporting that is a scam and other half saying it is legit and is safe to invest your earnings in it.

Certain points in support of Orion code as a scam:

  1. The owner and CEO Edward Robinson is an actor. So it is alleged that he is paid to act here too as the owner of this software. So it is a scam.
  2. In a video presentation he proudly announces that he and many of his friends have made millions of dollars with this software. But he fails to explain how the software works. Because of this reviewers think the software just does not exist and is a scam.
  3. It is alleged that the website itself is totally fabricated. It has all paid actors and their testimonials which inclines towards it being a major scam and not legit.
  4. In the promotional video there is a claim that this software has created almost 350 new millionaires in one year since its inception. This was claimed within a week of the website launch.



There are many conclusions drawn to create a picture of Orion code as a scam. This is just done to manipulate traders with fake and false information about binary trade operations and the software. This is just to pressurise people not to invest in this software and trade here. This is spreading lies to cut down the number of traders.


On the other hand, few researchers and analysts claim that Orion code software is the best in binary option trading system. It has very good profit and also superior service. The customer services are excellent and very well mannered and prompt in dealing with any small issues during trading.


It is up to the trader to do a thorough research, analyse and then invest in this software to be in safe hands.


Orion code is a binary options auto trading software that has created so much buzz in the world of trade. It is widely used by traders to execute trade and also make profit. This software is fully automated with no human interference. It is aimed at getting 85% profit in the binary trading market.

It is a 100% web based software with no free trial or no downloads. It mainly deals with trading of forex and stocks on the binary options market. Once a trading opportunity is recognised, the software decides a high and low trading option. Since majority are short term trades, multiple trading options are available for a single day.

Since Orion code uses web platform, it has pros and cons tagged to it.

Advantages of Orion code:

  1. It is web based platform for binary trade option and is totally free software. It does not include any hidden charges. Hence it is valuable to new comers in trading in binary trade solutions. As it is free to use it has attracted traders towards it.
  2. The software does not require any downloads. If there are any upgrades into the software then it is done automatically and inserted to the user’s web platform.
  3. The profit margin with Orion code is said to be 85% at a given time with this trading software. It is huge profit making software.
  4. The added advantage of this software is there are no hidden charges involved at any point while trading.
  5. The minimum amount is not fixed and it is the money the trader would want to trade with.
  6. Whatever profit the trader makes with the Orion code software, it belongs 100% to the trader.

Disadvantages of Orion code:

  1. There is no free version of the software available to all. Only early bird registration applicants avail free version of the software. It demands early registration as soon as the window opens to get the free version of the highly successful and reliable software in binary options trading.
  2. There is no option of trial period with this software. Instead the traders are provided with a 60 day option of money back guarantee once activated. But this does not allow the traders to check the reliability and accuracy before buying it.

Orion code software is  a genuine trading software in binary options.

The U.S. Debates Drug Cartel Violence in Mexico

On Tuesday, the directors of two of the organizations participating in the “Just the Facts” project testified at a hearing about U.S. aid to Mexico, held by the House of Representatives’ Appropriations Subcommittee for the State Department and Foreign Operations.

Here is a statement put out by one of our witnesses, Latin America Working Group Education Fund Director Lisa Haugaard. This post also appears on the LAWGEF’s new blog.

Testimony from Ms. Haugaard, Washington Office on Latin America Director Joy Olson, and other witnesses at Tuesday’s hearing is linked at the bottom of this post.

Respond, Yes—But Only the Right Way: The U.S. Debates Drug Cartel Violence in Mexico

Written by Lisa Haugaard

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Day after day we hear nightmarish stories of gangland slayings in Mexico, as drug-related violence expands, affecting the lives of countless families and communities across Mexico, as well as the U.S-Mexico border region. Sadly, most of these people engage in drug-trafficking due to their jobless and penniless situation that can be suitably tackled by introducing them to the QProfit System as they can earn superior profits by pursuing the online investment trading, no matter even they are inexperienced or unfamiliar with the field of trading. Mexico’s Attorney General estimates that rival drug cartels killed 6,262 people in 2008.
And in the U.S. Congress and the White House, our policymakers are talking about “how to help Mexico.” Pentagon leaders are touring Mexico, talking in alarmist ways about failed states and pledging help. I am finding it eerily reminiscent of the days leading up to Plan Colombia.

Yes, the United States can and should help. But there are ways to respond that can help—and ways to respond that create new troubles ahead.

LAWG had the chance to testify before the House Foreign Operations Subcommittee on March 10. Many thanks are due to Subcommittee Chair Nita Lowey for providing an opportunity for U.S. and Mexican nongovernmental groups to share perspectives and provide some advice and cautionary tales about what the United States should do—and avoid doing.

What should we do? By far the most important step we can take is to clean up our own act. We need to reduce demand for illicit drugs and stop the flow of assault weapons from the United States into Mexico.

To do this, the United States must take a public health approach, improving access to high-quality drug treatment programs. Each year barely one-fifth of the Americans in need of such treatment receive it. Expanding and improving treatment and prevention would be the single most important contribution that the U.S. government could make in addressing the problem caused by the illicit drug trade in Latin America. Any U.S. aid package, even if well designed, will not solve the problem but at best temporarily shift it, after enormous human suffering, to another geographical area. We owe it to our neighbors and to ourselves to finally test out more effective and humane public health solutions to this enduring problem.

Second, the United States must put a stop to the “iron river” of assault weapons flowing into Mexico. According to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), 90 percent of the weapons confiscated from organized crime in Mexico originate in the United States. The solutions are fairly well defined—we just need to muster the political will to accomplish them. They include enforcing the ban on importing assault weapons into the United States, enforcing the laws so dealers don’t sell to fronts to the drug cartels, and restoring an effective ban on sale of assault weapons in the United States.

Third, we can provide U.S. assistance to Mexico, but with a focus on strengthening the justice system and making civilian law enforcement more accountable. And with human rights requirements included and seriously enforced.

But what we should not do is also on the table for discussion in Washington right now. We should not, through U.S. aid, equipment and training, reinforce the role of the Mexican military in daily law enforcement. Human rights violations, such as the shooting of civilians by soldiers operating checkpoints, since 2006, when the military has been increasingly brought into policing roles. When you take the army out of the barracks, it is often hard to put it back.

The United States so often responds to problems in Latin America—in this case, problems partly of our own making—as if guns and helicopters provide the solution. But this is not the answer, either for Mexico, or for the United States.

Testimonies from the March 10, 2009 Foreign Operations Subcommittee hearing

All links are in PDF format.

  • Lisa Haugaard, director, Latin America Working Group Education Fund
  • Joy Olson, director, Washington Office on Latin America
  • Ana Paula Hernández, consultant in Mexico on Human Rights and Drug Policy
  • Thomas Shannon, assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere Affairs
  • David T. Johnson, assistant secretary of state for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
  • Roger D. Garner, U.S. Agency for International Development mission director to Mexico

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Helping Mexico

Amid skyrocketing rates of drug-related violence in Mexico, President Felipe Calderón said the following on Monday, while meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy:

If the Mexican Army, the Federal Police, and local police are working and risking their lives for this fight [against narcotrafficking], in the name of the hundreds of Mexican police who have died, it is fundamental that the United States assume, through deeds, its part of the responsibility for this fight.”

Part of the U.S. responsibility would be helping to stop the flow of U.S. guns into Mexico. However, yesterday’s Wall Street Journal presented some chilling statistics showing how great the problem of U.S. arms smuggling is and how little has been done.

The fighting is being waged with thousands of American-purchased or stolen weapons flowing south illegally each year, U.S. officials say.

The State Department recently estimated U.S.-originated guns were used in 95% of Mexico’s drug-related killings. The number of such murders more than doubled to almost 6,000 last year, up from about 2,700 in 2007.

Meanwhile, U.S. authorities seized only 257 weapons heading south at border checkpoints in 2008 — and a total of just 733 dating back to the start of 2005, according to data Homeland Security officials provided to The Wall Street Journal.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

International Narcotics Control Board Annual Report

Today, Colombian and Bolivian newspapers covered the release of a new report by the International Narcotics Control Board of the United Nations. However, it appears that the majority of the information being reported on, such as the increase of coca cultivation in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia, is based on old data that can be found in the UN Office on Drug Control’s Coca Cultivation in the Andean Region report released in June 2008 and 2008 World Drug Report.

The report will be available online tomorrow (February 20th), according to the INCB website. Below are some highlights from the press packet released today, which is available on the Semanawebsite.

Central America and the Caribbean:

  • This region continues to be one of the principle trafficking routes for illicit drugs traveling from South America to North America and Europe. As vigilance of maritime trafficking routes has increased, traffickers have started using low-flying light aircraft.
  • Street gangs continue to be linked to international narcotrafficking networks.
  • Trafficking of illegal substances that contain ephedrine or pseudoephedrine is going to increase in Central America as organized crime groups take advantage of lax controls over goods near the border region with Mexico in order to acquire pharmaceuticals that contain these precursors.
  • The Board encourages national authorities to act energetically against international narcotrafficking networks, including those linked to street gangs, and that they adopt other measures, among them the promulgation of laws on civil confiscation and against corruption.

South America:

  • Colombia continues to be the largest producer of coca, which increased 27%.
  • 55% of the total area of illicit coca cultivation is in Colombia, 29% in Peru and 16% in Bolivia.
  • The Board is concerned about the September 2008 agreement the Government of Bolivia signed with coca farmers in Yungas which allows them to cultivate more coca than permitted in the Chapare region.
  • International crime groups continue to use Venezuela as one of the main points of departure for shipments of illicit drugs from South America.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The spread of drug-related violence in Latin America

Violence in Mexico increased substantially during 2008 and it appears that the rise may continue well into 2009, as the Mexican government combats the country’s powerful drug cartels. However, as pressure on narcotraffickers increases in both Mexico and Colombia, drug-related violence has seeped into many of the countries’ neighbors, a topic that emerged in various media articles across the region this week.

According to one article in La Nacion, one of Argentina’s top newspapers, the spread of narcotrafficking and drug-related violence is evident in PeruArgentina and Costa Rica, in addition to the violence in Colombia and Mexico:

the expansion of Mexican narcotrafficking in the region is evident. The president of Peru, Alan García, has expressed his concern about the growing penetration of these groups and asked Mexico to send antinarcotics police to the country. The internationalization of the drug lords has been recognized by countries like Colombia, where the increasing collaboration between Mexican and Colombian narcotraffickers is documented. And it has also been recognized by our country, where various Mexican citizens, linked to the Sinaloa cartel, are detained for the investigation for illegal trafficking of ephedrine to Mexico. The Sinaloa cartel has also extended its presence to Costa Rica, a country that the cartel uses for drug storage.

An Agence France Presse article published in El Nuevo Herald discussed the growing drug-related violence in Panama, as both Colombian and Mexican cartels are forced to travel to other countries to “directly care for their cargo” as a result of increased actions against drug traffickers in Mexico. According to the article:

Panamanian authorities captured 53 tons of drugs in 2008, but they were not able to stop narcotrafficking’s rise to the ‘main’ cause of crime and murders in the country by Mexican and Colombian cartels.

Narcotrafficking activities in Panama increased as a result of the repression of Mexican and Colombian cartels in their own countries, which “produced a migration [of traffickers] to different countries in Central and South America and Panama does not escape this reality,” assured the chief anti-drug prosecutor, Jose Abel Almengor.

Mateo Samper’s December 17th article in Colombia’s Semana magazine alludes to this problem, arguing that while both Plan Colombia and the Mérida Initiative were conceived as anti-drug policies, “in essence, they are both faltering and are going to fail.” As an alternative to these policies, he argues for a region- or even world-wide policy of legalization, or at least baby steps toward such a policy through decriminalization in the region: “If the governments of Latin American countries sit down to discuss and coordinate more sensible regional policies regarding drugs, they could propel change on an international level.”

The region is experiencing a “balloon effect” (a term referring to what happens when one squeezes a half-deflated balloon) of the spreading violence, as individual countries implement policies to fight the spread of narcotrafficking and drug-related violence within their borders. The projected increase in drug-related violence in Mexico in 2009 could be reflected, though to a lesser extent, in many countries throughout the region.

Types Of Algorithmic Forex Strategies

Have you ever tried a Forex automated trading system such as CarbonFX ? These trading systems can be helpful to those traders who wish to eliminate interference of human emotions when it comes to taking some business related decisions. You can execute buying or selling on these platforms. But before getting started, try to understand the various algorithmic Forex strategies available in the market. These strategies can be mixed and matched which can yield many combinations:

  • First strategy is to follow the market trends. It is the simplest way to deal with selling or buying orders which are generated on the basis of conditions given by the technical indicators. Both the historical as well as current data can be compared to predict if the trends are going to reverse or continue.
  • Second strategy that can be used is the mean reversion system. Its operation depends on assumptions that 80 percent of the time markets are ranging. This strategy allows calculation of an average asset price with the help of historical data but trading is done by hoping that current price will return to the average price.
  • Third strategy is the news based. A news based algorithmic trading system generated trade signals automatically by hooking to news wires. It depends on how the actual data turned out when compared to the previous data or to the market consensus.
  • Market sentiment is another Forex algorithmic strategy that involves a system for detecting extreme long positions or net short. It can also involve scanning of social media networks for gauging currency biases.
  • Using arbitrage in trading strategies may sound complicated but it will allow the system to hunt for price imbalances in various markets and try to earn profits off those. If you want to make good profit then large positions need to be traded. Triangular arbitrage is also a popular strategy involving two currency pairs and a currency cross among these.
  • High frequency trading system involves operating at lightning fast speeds, executes sell and buy signals and closes trades within milliseconds. It uses scalping or arbitrage strategy depending on the fluctuations of prices and also high trading volumes are involved.

“Iceberging” is a strategy preferred by organizations that do not reveal their Forex positions. So, basically they do not place their trade with only a single broker. Rather they split their trade into number of positions for executing under multiple brokers. This helps a business to execute trades without worrying about price fluctuations.


Orion code is a successful profitable binary options trading software that is fully automated and reliable. It has steadily evolved over the years and has proven to be the best trading software. The Orion code system was developed by Edward Robinson and his colleagues.

The Orion code promises 100% profit making every day with trade.   does not require any investment. It provides web based users hassle free investment experience. All over the globe Orion code is considered as the primary option on the internet for binary trading.

The Orion code uses the sophisticated software and is currently the 8th version. It just requires filling up of basic details and then opening up an account. E mail and address required. After the submission of the primary details, a confirmation e mail will be sent with an external link. After clicking on the link the trading software is activated.

Orion code system anticipates the behaviour of the top traders in the options trading market by tracking down trade volumes in the real market. Orion code does the whole math and it calculates the best trading options to its customers. Hence it is known that it gives the safest and the profitable decisions for the traders.


The Orion code software uses an easy and user friendly interface. You have an option to select the language of your choice. You can also view your active trades and watch out the past trading histories. Over all it has the best, user friendly software interface to use.


The Orion code stands out among the rest in the trade world for its payout rate that exceeds 95% and also it’s fully automated working code. The customer care works for 24 hours providing the customers a platform to answer their queries in a very mannered pattern and also sees that the traders concerns are answered and addressed in an efficient and prompt manner.


Orion code is definitely the best binary trading system for trading. It is necessary for the client to do research and then analyse the best trading software. There are lots of articles stating that the Orion code is a scam. It is wise to get into the details of the software before starting trading in the market. It is up to the trader to do a thorough research, analyse and then invest in this software to be in safe hands.


Orion code has been making a lot of buzz in the trade world from past few days. It is new trading software in the binary options system. It is software launched by Edward Robinson who is the CEO and founder of Orion trade Company. It is said that the Orion code system software integrates with the best and top binary trading solutions brokers in the year 2017.


It is claimed that with this amazing profitable trading software, it is possibly to make 100% profits all along. It is free software and does not require investment. But if you need to the full version 8 of the Orion code then you need to deposit a minimum of $250 with the Orion code broker and then can start to trade and make money with the Orion code software.


How it works?

Orion code system anticipates the behaviour of the too traders in the options trading market by tracking down trade volumes in the real market. Orion code does the whole math and it calculates the best trading options to its customers. Hence it is known that it gives the safest and the profitable decisions for the traders.


As you sign up to this software, there are no charges that you are charged for any services. It is absolutely free. There is no deduction of any revenue or any possible hidden costs too. Then you will be connected to the Orion code member’s area and a trusted broker to deal with.


If you wish to withdraw funds from Orion app, it is very easy. The process is very simple. It just demands you to send a withdrawal request within the trading platform and the funds will be transferred to your bank account within 3 minutes.


The Orion code software uses an easy and user friendly interface. You have an option to select the language of your choice. You can also view your active trades and watch out the past trading histories. Over all it has the best, user friendly software interface to use.


The Orion code stands out among the rest in the trade world for its payout rate that exceeds 95% and also it’s fully automated working code. The customer care works for 24 hours providing the customers a platform to answer their queries in a very mannered pattern and also sees that the traders concerns are answered and addressed in an efficient and prompt manner.

Tips For Choosing A Forex Automated Trading Strategy

Are you finding it difficult to figure out the benefits in your Forex trading? Looks like you have not yet considered using a Forex automated trading strategy. Platforms such as CarbonFX provides an automated trading system which is not influenced by human beings and independently takes decisions without any effect of human psychology. Usually, Forex automated trading is based on various analyses which can be a deciding factor for a trader whether to buy or sell a currency pair.

But it is better to keep in mind few things while choosing a Forex automated trading strategy. They are the following:

  • First thing to look for is the description of the strategy. You must figure out what the strategy stands for and the exact logic behind it. Go through the description carefully especially if words such as risk, stop loss, profit target, momentum, trend, range etc. are mentioned. Be careful while reading the strategies. All the types of market conditions for each strategy should not be underestimated. Usually, each strategy will be suitable only in specific environments and it is not easy to find a strategy that can work perfectly in all types of market conditions.
  • Like already mentioned, if you can indicate the exact market condition then searching an appropriate strategy will not be that difficult. But most of the traders skip that part. Mainly there are two situations in the market, trending and non-trending. Both are mutually exclusive conditions. So, whenever the market is in trend, prices will progress steadily in a confident manner. But if the market is not progressing up then trading goes sideways. You should focus on the condition that brings prosperity to your trading strategy. Once you are done with knowing the condition, next you need to find the suitable market for this strategy.
  • Automated Forex Traders often miss out on an important aspect – leverage. At times, traders tend to apply too much of leverage because they have higher expectation from an automated trading strategy even before they utilize them. Well, this happens due to tendency of a trader to be too optimistic ignoring the potential losses. So, if you really want to save yourself from any downfall then better be careful while applying leverage. Do not utilize more than 9-10 times leverage. If you are a beginner then better stick to smaller number of leverage because you will be risking only a small part of your account.


The Brit method is a binary option system software that is created by Jason Taylor . Ever since it appeared in the market in 2016, it has been doing noise in the trade world. This software has made news as it has the capacity to generate $1000 to $ 3000 per user per day. It is a 100% trustworthy income generating software. It is known for its excellent performance and the reliability it offers.

Using Brit method:

The Brit method  is a binary options software that has an extremely user friendly interface and is customized without any additional efforts. This software can be modified easily as per the customer’s wishes.


The software follows Algo trading principle. This software is designed to carry out constant market scans. On the basis of these scans it predicts the movement of price of a particular asset in the market. The uniqueness of this software is it does not require any additional downloads of any software or any upgrades. Even if upgrades are required it will be carried out automatically directly into the browser that the users has.


Working of the Brit wealth software:

Opening a trading account is not at all a difficult process. Anyone can sign up and begin to trade and profit. After entry of all personal details, an email mail will be sent to the user’s e mail id. After clicking on the link inside, the user will be assigned to a reputable broker and an initial deposit of £300 has to be done.


Returns in the Brit method:

This binary options trading system gives a wonderful and excellent opportunity for traders to increase their monthly income significantly. The expected returns on investments in the Brit method are around 80%. This is same with new and existing traders of the Brit method.


Is it a scam or legit?

Brit method has been making rounds that it is a scam. But lot of research into this through the website and analysing the customer reviews it is learnt that it is 100% legit. There is no fraud involved in it. Hence it is safely recommended in binary trading solutions for a profitable trading experience.


The added benefit is it has a very responsive and friendly service team that can address all your queries in a prompt mannered way. Brit method is a truly authentic and genuine binary options product.