Spoiler Alert! It’s a scam!

There are no shortcuts to success! Well, everyone would like to prove this saying wrong and stand as an exception. Especially in the arena of trading, short span successes happen but seldom.

‘Quantum Code’ is trading software that allows a free download and usage for anyone. You need not be any pro in binary options trading; its autopilot feature claims to fetch, scan, analyze and (if you permit) trade for you. Now, the most interesting and dangerous point to note is it claims 100% return on $0 investment to the customers. This implies:

  • Either it has an inbuilt fortune-telling feature, as it is almost impossible for anyone to know how the market will trend in future.
  • It is not making any profit for the owners of the app. Now, this sounds too humble.
  • How are they making money then? Are they Godsend, needing nothing?

While these questions need reasonable answers, their marketing gimmicks too alarm us.

  • They will tell you anecdotes of someone becoming a millionaire
  • If you sound reluctant, their customer service rep will sound concerned for you, for the fear that you might remain a broke all your life, if you leave this opportunity of trying them.
  • $0 investment is a bewitching deal for anyone.


And it fails!

Keeping their promises was never their intention; the big mouth claims made by the software were only to collect more deposit money of $250. You might suddenly want to refer the second paragraph of this article, where I stated that they require zero investment. However, they will startle you exactly the way I did by breaking the deposit condition to you, once you are fully into them. In addition, the broker account, which you’d be required to deposit the money in, is their broker account; any laws or jurisdiction does not regulate this account. You will perhaps, regret your decision here or if you still would not, you will soon, as you will see your money not returning to you in any form. If they crack a bad deal for you, (which they will despite high claims) your money will never come back. This is how it works, they will ensure money coming in but never going out.

So, they will make look everything rosy while it won’t remain for long. If you haven’t triggered it yet, you’ve definitely done a right thing.

An over the edge trading bot – Quantum code

Let’s begin with thanking the makers of this awesome binary options investment system called ‘Quantum code’. The trading tool is an auto-trading solution, which claims to offer profits to traders like never before. A team under guidance of Michael Crawford has developed the software. Owing to his trading tool, Michael Crawford has become a trading domain sensation overnight. He has immense experience in finance sector.

How to begin?

To begin trading with this tool, all you need is to create an account on their website, put an initial deposit of $250 and start trading on auto-pilot mode. The auto-pilot mode helps fetch the trades in market, the feature running on NSQ technology scrapes the trades from others, taking their trader ahead of others. The new version of the software doesn’t require downloading on the client computer at all. This means, you simply can begin trading with a user name and password.

The users of this tool are happy with its functioning; they get their returns on time and no hidden charges are levied on them. In addition, the users are promoting the tool for all its positive aspects. The result the tool gives them makes them feel happy and fortunate.

They assist the traders through a 24×7-support service. The professionals in their support team are experienced and more than willing to assist. In return, make the trading experience smooth and fuss free.


  • Auto-pilot mode trading, scanning markets, analyzing trades and trading.
  • No losses on investment! Since it works on NSQ technology, they are faster than anyone, hence getting more and good deals.
  • They accept all types of cards for payments and withdrawals.
  • The tool works a great speed on almost all operating systems.
  • Withdrawal process is fast and easy.
  • No taxes, or percentage of profit to be paid on gains.
  • If you have it once, you are free to upgrade to any version for lifetime.
  • Opens account with a trusted broker when you join it.
  • It is capable of generating between $6000 and $9000 a day.
  • Gives smooth trading environment and process.
  • 24X7 customer support available.



So, if you have already considered investing in Binary Options, you may review ‘Quantum code’ well and try it. They are seemingly here to give binary options trading a completely new dimension. Their speed is their strength and you can make the most of it.

Why Use Automated Trading Software?

If you have a startup business and finding it difficult to manage then the first thing to do is to get automated trading software such as 1G profit system for smooth running of your business. You might wonder regarding why there is any need of a trading platform. Well, it can make your professional life really peaceful. Here are some reasons why to opt for such platform:

  • An automated trading platform strictly follows position management and trade rules which can be great for your money trading. For any new trader, there will be no need to research the markets or learn about trading before getting started. This software does all the research and trades on your behalf.
  • Any trader can start making money from the very beginning of his business using the automated trading strategies. This will allow you to understand the rules of trading in a better way, build good trading habits and be more practical while running a business.
  • We human beings often tend to get emotional which may not be good for your business. Say for instance personal preferences, fear and greed may influence lot of trading aspects and business decisions that you take. But with an automated trading system, it works based on logic and data and does not depend on any sort of guesswork or emotions while trading.
  • You can get lot of professional strategies from an algorithmic trading system which can help you with money management.
  • You do not require going through the trades manually because the automated trading system studies the market and looks for profitable trades on your behalf. It also invests in your absence. So, you will be relieved from doing a lot of task on your own.
  • As human beings, we cannot be keeping an eye on the trade market 24X7. We obviously have other personal commitments towards our family and friends. But an automated trading system can be active throughout the year which means your business will have greater opportunities even when you are asleep.
  • Usually, most of the trading platforms come with advanced risk management strategies for securing all your orders.
  • One of the biggest challenges that a trader faces is to decide when to pull the trigger. You might lack courage to trade yourself but an automated system can help you to overcome and be more confident to run your business.
  • If investing on a trade is your part time occupation that such trading platform can handle things while you are doing your job.