U.S. Arms and Equipment Sales, All Programs, Entire Region, 2000-2005

Carbon FX A Civilians guide to U.S. defence and security assistance to Latin America and the Carribean

Here is another guide for the civilians to be aware of, the scams and fraudsters that exist among them. There are new tricks used by people to cheat you and to make you subconsciously become more attracted towards it.

The trick used is “Money”! Who wouldn’t love to give up on an opportunity to make more money? Well, not any man! Everyone works hard to make that money, and in fact, money is one fact that keeps everyone going, and today’s increasing demand for all basic needs, has left such systems finding ways, more in numbers.

The newest of them all is the Carbon FX trading software, which uses forex trading to make money; this is what they claim! While other many fraud systems use the binary system, this one has changed the way slightly and has aimed at another part of the market- using foreign currency systems and luring people.

While you see the site, you can look at the ease of their explanation. They claim to register for free, doesn’t require you to know the basics of trading and the markets too. all they need is just you enrolling into the system.

This again needs all the personal info and nothing else! Can you recollect, or try to check with those working in the markets, about the processing for the account opening for trading and the trading process, can anyone be allowed to access the system!

This system claims to be auto-trading software, which does all on its own. The strategy used is one of the best in the running systems, but we doubt the technique as well. Because we have never read any positive note from real people who have benefitted from such systems, in real life!

All we read all online testimonials and voice records. This is another proof to say that these systems are fake since there is no actual evidence, in reality, those reviews are paid ones and are being done using few people. The actual so-called creator is himself fake, the images used and the method used is to just lure the people and cheat them in turn. It’s better to be safe, than sorry.

Country 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 TOTAL
Colombia 20,802,500 229,801,500 32,460,500 14,775,500 24,580,000 41,710,000 364,130,000
Chile 878,000 2,449,500 1,733,000 5,930,500 9,658,000 189,486,000 210,135,000
Brazil 57,991,500 50,141,500 39,259,000 11,109,000 11,162,000 9,223,000 178,886,000
Venezuela 12,613,000 22,209,000 18,099,500 11,831,000 11,872,000 8,031,000 84,655,500
Argentina 9,383,000 26,717,000 8,471,000 4,211,757 3,953,000 3,399,000 56,134,757
Mexico 8,940,000 4,524,000 4,553,500 12,182,000 5,587,000 4,428,000 40,214,500
Ecuador 1,416,500 1,467,000 1,761,500 5,202,000 15,517,000 4,020,000 29,384,000
El Salvador 13,703,000 4,801,000 1,632,000 1,782,000 3,625,000 2,879,000 28,422,000
Dominican Republic 88,000 890,500 899,000 11,036,000 9,650,000 1,355,000 23,918,500
Bolivia 3,795,000 4,411,000 1,029,500 1,553,000 1,434,000 4,967,000 17,189,500
Honduras 1,802,000 3,429,000 1,968,000 899,000 756,000 756,000 9,610,000
Uraguay 1,047,000 1,749,500 2,916,000 622,000 44,000 810,000 7,188,500
Jamaica 1,122,500 1,078,000 469,000 579,000 273,000 1,254,000 4,775,500
Antigua and Barbuda 160,500 545,000 3,000 491,000 1,475,000 580,000 3,254,500
Peru 852,000 801,500 304,000 191,000 195,000 245,000 2,588,500
St. Kitts and Nevis 316,000 313,000 7,500 92,000 385,000 102,000 1,215,500
Nicaragua 282,000 932,000 1,214,000
St. Lucia 131,500 328,500 13,000 430,000 167,000 1,070,000
Haiti 230,000 701,000 99,000 6,000 2,000 6,000 1,044,000
Grenada 67,000 271,500 119,000 73,500 416,000 84,000 1,031,000
Dominica 62,500 300,000 6,500 66,000 395,000 125,000 955,000
Barbados 129,500 181,000 19,000 557,000 16,000 902,500
Panama 500 134,000 246,000 87,000 12,000 310,000 789,500
Guyana 1,500 2,000 401,000 253,000 104,000 23,000 784,500
Belize 13,000 87,000 133,500 99,000 75,000 342,000 749,500
Trinidad and Tobago 83,000 178,000 129,000 10,000 144,000 544,000
St. Vincent and the Grenadines 56,000 145,500 42,000 225,000 468,500
Costa Rica 27,500 38,000 203,000 106,000 48,000 422,500
OAS Headquarters 188,000 64,500 11,500 121,000 7,000 392,000
Paraguay 23,000 21,000 34,500 4,000 17,000 19,000 118,500
Bahamas 21,000 13,000 50,000 1,000 85,000
Suriname 3,000 22,000 26,000 3,000 1,000 55,000
TOTAL 135,923,500 357,804,000 117,045,000 83,341,257 102,792,000 275,422,000 1,072,327,757

1G Profit System – Come Trade Stress Free!

Trading software when developed should serve every kind of trader. The requirement of every trader whether an experienced or considerably new to trading must be met. That will be the success for an online trading platform. When built by a person who knows how the market works and what kind of an interface will be friendly with user, it will be an added advantage. The developer will be conscious about different situations and will come up with algorithms which will take care of every such event anticipating every downfall!

Why do Experienced Traders Prefer: Trading in real time could have its moments of fun and stress too. An experienced trader will know how stressful some transactions could get. Especially when your decision making skills and judgments are put to test and the results don’t turn out well. This is one reason why experienced traders are going for online trading platforms like 1G profit System. There are times when their skills are obviously put to use and they come up with skills to invest in the right thing. There could be fluctuations or miscalculations or human errors which could result in huge losses.

Newbie Traders’ Preference: Newbie traders and trade enthusiasts who try just for some returns and have no interest or time in learning the nuances of the system and are looking at a quick fix to earn some quick dollars. They are always looking at opportunities to go online and look up at new software that could make their jobs easier. Also software works on an algorithm which is tested based on different situations and hence come up with excellent results in very less turnaround time. Software expects less or minimal interference from traders and hence it is quite favorite among newbie trade enthusiasts.

Awareness on Scams:  If you have been following the market for a while, you will know which app could be spam and which is not. A basic review of the website could differentiate the original one from a fraudulent one. Quite a lot of online traders have vouched for 1G Profit System which reveals how convincingly the software works and how satisfactory customers are with the returns. Visiting the website often and going through customer testimonials could give a fair idea to even the newbie traders who have not had the opportunity to know the nuances of trading.

Quantum Code – Every Trader’s dream!

Designed by a Wall Street professional, Michael Crawford, Quantum code is trading software that is making its successful rounds in the market. With his experience in trading and using a technology NQS which has been the best friend of the trading software, the journey has made the lives of many traders easier. With so many trading apps doing their rounds in the market, there needs to be a genuine feature which will pull and hold on the customers towards it, looking at how it works, NQS has been that clear winner. Near quantum speed which is used in the app not only makes genuine propositions when there is a n opportunity, it also scrapes the other traders’ trades which is a genuine feature not all trading platforms could provide.

How to get started?

Starting a trading platform could never get easier; quantum code could just be started in 3 simple steps. There needs to be no particular initial set up or any download of software. This is completely browser based and you could just log on to any browser on your computer or mobile and complete three simple steps to go live on trading.

Signing up:

This is a simple process, where you need to just fill up a basic form with your details. This will take just a few minutes where you get registered.


Once you are registered, you can actually set up the system to your preference, where in you can customize it. Also you could join with a recommended broker too from the list that is provided by the company.

Start Trading:

Once you have set up the process, you need to transfer some funds to your account to start trading and going live. This is simply funding your account for your transactions. This software is completely free and does not have any potential hidden charges. There is no commission as well that you need to pay to the company! Just go to the auto pilot mode and you could see how efficient the software is. You can see that its complex algorithm along with NQS helps in generating signals which help the trader in achieving returns that he might not have imagined in his first transaction. What every trader n eeds to keep in mind is the more the funds are the more the returns will be. With minimum funds, the software will be able to return proportionate amounts only!

Quantum Code – Why a Trader needs to try it!

It is not easy to start trading and start getting returns immediately if you do not have enough exposure to the market. An experienced trader has his own flawed days when his decision making could go wrong and he could end up in a loss for the day. In a market where nothing is guaranteed, a trading platform is most welcome change. This app helps them in making better decisions and also helps in boosting their confidence. Any external help is always welcome by the newbie traders and all they look for is auto pilot robots which can do most of their work if investments are done.

Quantum code is one such auto pilot trading software developed keeping in mind the newbie traders and the experienced ones who are looking for some change. Michael Crawford has developed this software putting together all his financial and trading experience together while joining hands with a concept like NQS. This has led to a complete win win situation both for the traders and the owner. With so many such trading platforms in market, this stands apart from the crowd due to the following reasons

  • There is no hassle of downloading or installing an app or software. You do not have to be a computer wizard to start working on this app. All you need is browser and the funds to invest and you can go live in minutes.
  • Filling up forms could be difficult for many. The forms that you need to fill up here for your registration with the company is a short one with just the mandatory details that the company needs and it does not take much of your time. The company has understood wee how precious time could be when it comes to trading.
  • You could choose a broker from the recommended list. You also could customize the screen according to your preference so the next time you log on, it is all easier for you and the same way you have left it.
  • The initial amount you transfer is for funding and the amount is very meager. This amount will also be used in your transaction and will not be charged as commission. The app is completely free of cost and hence is affordable for every trader.
  • The withdrawal procedure is quite simple and could be done once you have returns in your account.
  • The customer support team is available at all times for queries.